How To Format Category Description Area

Edit into: /customer/main/subcategories.tpl.

I just went ahead and made a self contained <div style=”command:value;”> around the tag {$current_category.description}. Then I closed the div and it was set up.


X-Cart Product Images

What the hell is going on with product images in x-cart. Ever noticed when change an image on the server how it dosent do anything. Well here is my advice.

Keep your product images and thumbnails in two very seperate directories, far far away from the actual /images/products/T and P folders.

I keep mine in the public_html root under /BUILDTHMB and /BUILDIMAGE.

Upon import, I can be assured that it will call the images from here once I specify that in the path and then it is one less annoyance and source of confusion. The path is /home/client/public_html/store/ and that is it.

Vista Use HTML HoTMaiL As E-mail Client

I hate e-mail clients. They are the scum of the earth. One more thing to backup, dosen’t work with any free e-mail account you actually want, yeah I know Windows Live Mail works but, its still annoying to install, update, and have the responsibility of backing up. Yeah I know it backs up to your normal hotmail, but you still should check to make sure its doing its job, and most importantly if you ever wipe your system environment you will have to waste costly time to re-install Windows Live again, what a drag that is. Come on people we are in web 2.0 here lets use some web apps and get away from all the OS centric garbage. The golden link below. Thanks Vista Forums.


Once you run this app, just click both of the big buttons and you should be using HTML hotmail with out too much fuss in your near future.

Vista No New Folder WTF?

Recently on Vista Ultimate 64 I am unable to make a new folder using explorer. I was forced to run the following hack: click to download.

Remove Tortise-SVN From a Directory

So my terminology was wrong. A WC is a working copy and it is backed up the the Repository. Now that you know that, the actual info should have been easier to find, but here it is anyway:

To do this, right clck on the WC and choose SVN Export. Export it over itself! As instructed below from the Tortise site, chapter “Exporting a Subversion Working Copy
Prev Chapter 5. Daily Use Guide”.

Quoted from after much searching:

Removing a working copy from version control

Sometimes you have a working copy which you want to convert back to a normal folder without the .svn directories. What you really need is an export-in-place command, that just removes the control directories rather than generating a new clean directory tree.

The answer is surprisingly simple – export the folder to itself! TortoiseSVN detects this special case and asks if you want to make the working copy unversioned. If you answer yes the control directories will be removed and you will have a plain, unversioned directory tree. “

X-Cart Install

This is how to install X-Cart on your server.

Get the most recent demo of x-cart (unless you want to buy a real cart) at

Download the This assumes your webserver is running on a linux platform.

Make a directory that houses the X-Cart setup zip file. Upload that file to your server. To that directory.


Go to the zip file and use the server command called extract. Extract it to the root because it has a recursed directory structure that will inflate all the files to a directory called “xcart” anyway.


Go to your cpanel or equivalent. Go to MySQL Databases:


Create a new database called “xc”. Your server will let you know the proper name of the db you have created in my case its “username_xc”.

Then you have to create a user for this DB. I name him “xcu”, I give him password and I create him.

Then you have to assign user to DB. Do that assign xcu, to username_xc db.

Now The Install Can Begin.

Go to your servername/xcart.

Click on Install.

Agree to the things.

Click next untill you get here:


Make your screen look like the above. Note thate you should probably type your server login name_xcu in front of your user name (if you are doing this on your server).

Export Windows Live Calendar to Windows Calendar Vista

Go to your Windows Live Calendar at


Go to the Calendar you want to share, and click on share.

Send friends a view-only link to your calendar.

Press on ICS.

Click the link. Accept, and import it into your Windows Calendar.

Now the entries are in your Windows Calendar, but they are just read only. Don’t panic.

Export your Windows Calendar to somewhere on your drive. (File-Export)

Then erase that calendar off of your Windows Calendar.

Then (File-Import) the calendar you just exported. Now it is no longer a ics subscribed calendar but a local calendar you can edit!