Vista Use HTML HoTMaiL As E-mail Client

I hate e-mail clients. They are the scum of the earth. One more thing to backup, dosen’t work with any free e-mail account you actually want, yeah I know Windows Live Mail works but, its still annoying to install, update, and have the responsibility of backing up. Yeah I know it backs up to your normal hotmail, but you still should check to make sure its doing its job, and most importantly if you ever wipe your system environment you will have to waste costly time to re-install Windows Live again, what a drag that is. Come on people we are in web 2.0 here lets use some web apps and get away from all the OS centric garbage. The golden link below. Thanks Vista Forums.


Once you run this app, just click both of the big buttons and you should be using HTML hotmail with out too much fuss in your near future.


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