WordPress Posts Screen

This covers the Posts screen, how to make new posts, format the text in those posts and give them headers and subheaders and lastly how to categorize that post or add tags to that post or both:

Login to your wordpress.

Get to your “My Dashboard” it will look like the below:


Look at the single red circle above. That tells you what is going on with your posts, and is the only important thing to see in this screen. The rest is an overview of your tags and categories. Super boring and confuses this screen. If you click on the # of posts in the circle then that will take you to your Posts Screen, which is where you want to be for editing or making new posts.

Look at the double red circle. Get comfortable with clicking there. That is a fool proof way to get to your Posts Screen no matter where you are in your My Dashboard. Click there after you do a new post to make sure what you did is actually there. It will show up at the top if you did it right.

Do that it will take you to the below screen:


Look for the single red circe above. That is a good way to recognize you are at your Posts Screen. It says edit, but you can also make new ones from here and it is a great overview of your content.

Look for the double red circle above. That is the prefered way of adding a new post. You can get here relaibly and you will have your bearings on where you are in your My Dashboard if you use that link.

Make a new post. Click the link I was talking about in the double red circle. Now you are at the below picture:


Pay attention.

The green circles are for formatting the way your post looks regarding fonts and sizes. The red circles are to make sure your content is saved, published, categorized or tagged.

Start blogging.

Save Draft: Go ahead and type what you want in the appropriate text boxes. Click “Save Draft” in the uppermost double red circle on the page. That will save what you are doing and you shouldn’t have to worry about saving it in a Word file or anything on your actual computer. That will put it in the My Posts Screen but not make it visable to the public.

Publish: Ok your entry is good enough to show people. Click “Publish” in the second double red circle. Now it appears on your blog homepage at the top.

Post Tags: Red circle, middle of page on right. Type some good keywords for your post. It relates to only that post and is a secondary way to organzie what is going on in your blog.

  • Choose from the most used tags in post tags: If you are lazy to type a tag that keeps showing up over and over again on your site it will be found through here.

Categories: The lowest red circle on the page. This is the keystone of organizing your posts. Tick the radio button as to what categorie your post is related to, (may even be more than one category).

Be sure to click “Publish” or “Save Draft” when you are done doing a change so all your work stays how you want it.


Click inside the highest green circle on the page. Hover over that graphic and it will say “show hide kitchen sink.” WordPress is saying that there is a kitchen sink of features you get that the average person might not want to do. I disagree because sometimes you want at least a subheading or something for what you are doing. This section is even a subheading.

Click on the second green circle. You get a drop down menu. Thats where you can do your Heading 1, Heading 2, ect. If you have ever used Word then you will understand what this is.

Just remember to click “Update Post” or “Publish Post” when you are done so your work does not get wasted away.

Paraniod? Click on the Posts Icon (double red circle from first image in this post) on the left to go back to our overview of posts to make sure the stuff is there.


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