This is how to handle your Comments in WordPress. It is a basic post. Go to your “My Dashboard”, then go to your “Posts” screen. If you have a comment it will look like what is in the single green circle below:


In the double green circle is an important column of what is going on with all of your comments. It is just for overview purposes. You can also click on it to manage your comments, but I think its easiest to manage your comments from the single green circle. Click there ok?

Ever used an email client? It gets very simple from here (at least for the basics). All your comments are presented in an e-mail like fashion. Hover the mouse over the clients you want to approve or deny. Beware of spam. I read somewhere that it is good to approve both positive and negative comments to show you are down to earth. By the way the comments enviroment looks like the below:


The green circle is to approve. That field of text shows up once you hover over that area. If you do not hover it looks like there is nothing to do.


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