X-Cart Install

This is how to install X-Cart on your server.

Get the most recent demo of x-cart (unless you want to buy a real cart) at http://www.x-cart.com/download_shopping_cart.html.

Download the xcart-gold-demo-linux.zip. This assumes your webserver is running on a linux platform.

Make a directory that houses the X-Cart setup zip file. Upload that file to your server. To that directory.


Go to the zip file and use the server command called extract. Extract it to the root because it has a recursed directory structure that will inflate all the files to a directory called “xcart” anyway.


Go to your cpanel or equivalent. Go to MySQL Databases:


Create a new database called “xc”. Your server will let you know the proper name of the db you have created in my case its “username_xc”.

Then you have to create a user for this DB. I name him “xcu”, I give him password and I create him.

Then you have to assign user to DB. Do that assign xcu, to username_xc db.

Now The Install Can Begin.

Go to your servername/xcart.

Click on Install.

Agree to the things.

Click next untill you get here:


Make your screen look like the above. Note thate you should probably type your server login name_xcu in front of your user name (if you are doing this on your server).


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