Remove Tortise-SVN From a Directory

So my terminology was wrong. A WC is a working copy and it is backed up the the Repository. Now that you know that, the actual info should have been easier to find, but here it is anyway:

To do this, right clck on the WC and choose SVN Export. Export it over itself! As instructed below from the Tortise site, chapter “Exporting a Subversion Working Copy
Prev Chapter 5. Daily Use Guide”.

Quoted from after much searching:

Removing a working copy from version control

Sometimes you have a working copy which you want to convert back to a normal folder without the .svn directories. What you really need is an export-in-place command, that just removes the control directories rather than generating a new clean directory tree.

The answer is surprisingly simple – export the folder to itself! TortoiseSVN detects this special case and asks if you want to make the working copy unversioned. If you answer yes the control directories will be removed and you will have a plain, unversioned directory tree. “


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