Product Edititing

Find the Management square panel on the left.

  • Click on “Categories”. Here will be a list of all the categories in the store thus far.
  • Drill down to the highest category level you can by clicking on the red links of the name of the category. It will update your location. You will be at the highest level when the screen appears blank. Don’t panic there really are products here, instead click “category products” as shown below.category_products
  • Once you see the product you want to edit, click on its name or its SKU.
  • Go down to the 3rd section called “classification”
  • Find the “main category” drop down list. Drop it down to the category you would like the product in instead. Leave it there.
  • Find the “details” section. Go to where it says “short description” we are not using this on our site. This is where the hack comes in. Notice this has an * that means it is a required field. So we need to put a blank space in here so it will save.
  • To to that go to the “short description” field put the cursor there and type the space bar at least one time, mabye twice to make sure you got a space in there.
  • Then it will save! (all the required fields have been filled)
  • Go to scroll to the bottom of the page you will find a radio button called “save”. Click it and you are done.

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