Convert Normal Directory To a SVN Versioned Directory

Basically it goes like this. There is a repository where the behind the scenes data is stored. You chose a new repository for each new project.

  • Create a directary called REPO this will house all the project reposotories.
  • Create a subdirectory called P1, P2, etc. upon each new project you make.
  • Right click on the P# folder you just created and go to “create repository here”.

Then when you have your actual base of project data most likely stored in my documents somwhere, you import it to the corresponding repository and then SVN checkout that data to synchronize it with the repository.

  • Right click on data that needs to go into the Repositry. “Tortise SVN, import” to correspoiding repository.


  • Create a new directory for the project that will be Version Controlled. “SVN checkout”. Lead this to the repository you just imported to. That will bring the stuff from the repository into that directory.
  • Start Versioning!
  • To revert to your versions its all about right clicking on the file you would like to see the versions of and pressing “show log…”

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