Obligatory Product Varients Post


Go to a product. Click into it to edit it. Click on “Product Options” in the “Product Management:” payne.


Then it takes you here:

Option Group Name: Something for the administrators only, just chose something that describes the variations. I usually use all caps sepearated with a underscore, and I keep it short.

Option Text: What the customer sees to tell them there options.


Click Update Option Group when done.

Follow the screen below to fillout a sample of colors for a proudct.

Option Group Type: Stick to Varients. Just be sure all the prices of the varients are the same or you will have to see another tutorial.

Options List: This is the meat. Type something and press the plus icon to accept what you typed. Change the Orderby field to 1,2,3. 1 is whatever one you want first, ect.


 Once you make your screen look like the one above be sure to click “Add Option Group.”

To see what you have done: Follow the link automatically provided for you upon finishing a variant set. OR click on “Product Options” in the “Product Management:” payne, under “In this section” where all of the things to do with the product you are currently editing are. That takes you to the same place.

It should look like the below:



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