Data Massaging With Access and Excel


Select Column.


Paste into Word.


Change “^p” which is the hard double edged P or Paragraph Marks to nothing. We will not need those. There will be a hard P at the end of the document but that is fine.


Now we are converting the manual line breaks which show up as the <CR> character (found on the enter key as an arrow with a tail) into HTML code which is <br />

Then do the quotes, which is find and replace dance again, but this time with “”” duh as find and replace for &quot.

Then crtl+a and alt+tab to Access. Then select the column and ctrl+v.

Then for the fun part…



Be sure to set your import variables image path in x-cart so you have less stuff to put in your dbase.

Mine is currently set to:


A good rule of thumb is check what is says on the sample line so you can gauge the beginning part of the path, then go from there.

If you are having trouble with the image not found errors, a good little check I do is just go into the csv file and leave only one product in there. Or better yet do an import for one product with images that you know are in there and work. Then fix your path accordingly.

Then do the grandiose import.


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